Jan, Leap Year and Destiny




My wife was born on February 29.  I am wise enough to know that it is indelicate to include the year, so I’ll stick to month and day.

I’d just like to say that we’ve been together, with a few short breakups, since we were in college.  And I love her more than ever.

There’s something magical here.  Something inexplicable.  A woman born on Leap Day marries a man named Leap.

The stars rarely align so clearly.

I do not believe in ‘destiny’ as a vague force, but I believe the mins of the Creator drives things in ways we do not foresee, and often cannot understand.  As such, I believe that he blessed me with my lovely, passionate, charming, kind, compassionate, endlessly patient, God-loving, Bible studying, child-raising wife.

She keeps me sane, opens my mind to new experiences (like Bonnaroo!), organizes our world, helps me in our quest to raise healthy, well adjusted children, encourages me and is my safe space at the end of every day.  I hope that I can return to her even a fraction of the goodness she brings to my life.

I don’t believe that there’s only one person we can marry and who will make us happy.  But I’m sure glad this one is mine. And based on the date of her birth and my name, it seems like it was a divine slam-dunk.

My Leap Day darling is my soul-mate.  And even as I grow old and she remains four times younger than I, I feel confident that our love will continue to be a blessing to us, to our friends and family and a reminder of the grace and glory of a merciful God.

Happy Birthday Jan! I love you always, all ways.


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