To all of my readers,

Thank you!  Thank you for your friendship.  Thank you for reading my thoughts and ideas.  I appreciate all of the time you take to visit my site, and especially the time you take to comment.

I don’t always answer, and I’m sorry about that.  I’m a ‘poor correspondent,’ but I love hearing from you.  The thing is, between writing the blog, writing the columns I write each month, going to the ER to work and spending time with family, I don’t always have the time to do it.  Please don’t take it as indifference or bad manners; it’s mainly just the confines of a ridiculously short 24 hour day.

Thank you for opening your hearts to me!  For telling me when I touch you!  For letting me see inside, and for encouraging me!  When you let me know that something I wrote helped you in a hard time, or in a struggle, or in your practice or walk of faith, you move me to keep coming back to the keyboard.  And you help me to remember that writing is part of my calling in this life; a thing I must not, cannot ignore.

I am thankful to God for your lives and that you are part of mine.

I hope that God gives you a delightful and merry Christmas!  I hope Santa is good to you.  I pray that love and truth surround you.

And that you have as much fun as I have already had with my wife and kids.

May Emmanuel come to you wherever you are, and ransom you as he has ransomed me.


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