It’s Easter week, holiest in the Christian calender.  I always found myself focusing on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  But I’m stricken by the fact that today is the day we remember the Last Supper.

A meal together.  How very like Jesus.  He could have ended his ministry with his disciples with a lecture, a parable, a diatribe, another miracle.  He could have gone out with flash!  Turned over tables.  Confronted hypocrites. He could have done so many things.

He celebrated the Passover with his friends, the ones who would take the ministry forward; and one who would give him the kiss of death, as it were.  He remembered his Father, he remembered his people and their struggle.  He honored all of it, and honored his followers.  He ate, and drank, and washed feet and loved.  How very simple, and how very magnificent.

My family is out of town.  I miss them.  We eat together.  We share the delight of food, the sacrament of that intimate, essential activity.  We cook, laugh, eat and clean together.

I can love a God who, in his incarnation, celebrates with a meal.  Says goodbye with a meal.  Makes common things holier than we ever imagined, from wine to fish, from nails to crosses, from blood to tombs.

In the world as I see it, that’s the kind of guy to follow.  That’s the kind of God to worship.

May you celebrate a meal with someone you love today, and remember what Jesus did as you bless the food and bless those with you.

Tomorrow is Friday, but Sunday is not far away…


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