Elijahs weapon of choice for flashlight wielding intruders

Elijah's weapon of choice for flashlight wielding intruders

This morning I worked day shift.  To allow my wife and children a little more sleep in the pre-dawn stillness,  I poked around the house with a flashlight, gathering stuff and attempting not to fall over a cat on the dark stairs.

While downstairs, putting on my shoes around 6:30, I heard tentative steps down the stairs.  I looked up to see Elijah, my 11-year-old son, walk into the dining room, eyes squinting…with a machete in his hand.

‘Uh, what’s up?’  I asked, hoping that he wasn’t having a dream of combat in which I would become the ‘black knight.’

‘I wasn’t sure who was using a flashlight,’ he answered calmly.

I hugged him and said, ‘I am so proud of your courage!  You are awesome!  Now, never do that again!  If you think someone is in the house, you go and tell your mother or tell me.  Clearing a house is something you aren’t yet trained for.’

‘OK Papa.’  He was proud but understood my point, as I illustrated the tricky art of how to work a corner in order to see but not be seen.

You may be shocked, and you may be offended.  But first of all, machetes are standard issue in the Leap house.  Second of all, it could have been worse…a battle axe or compound bow come to mind.

But most important of all, the future of America, of the world, indeed of Christendom belongs to  young men and women who still have courage to face their fears, defend their homes and families and do it all on their own steam, without cowering in corners, waiting for someone else to do the dirty work before they are slain themselves.  I speak not only of physical battles and enemies, but of cultural ones,  intellectual, political and especially spiritual ones.

I salute my brave knight!  Raise a toast to Sir Elijah, Knight of the Double Edged Machete!

Edwin, Earl of Tamassee

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