My wife was in New York City with her girlfriends last week.  Which meant I was in charge of the house, dogs and especially, the kids.  Believe it or not, I love taking care of my family!  Though I’m pretty bad at laundry, I am a passable cook, I can order carry-out with practiced skill, I make sure everyone changes clothes, brushes their teeth and behaves in a (relatively) civilized manner.

The kids and I have great discussions, watch movies, read, laugh and play.  We usually sleep in my bedroom, like a bunch of large gerbils with blankets strewn everywhere.  I like to think that, as dad’s go, I’m pretty fun.  While we miss mama, we always have a good time when it’s papa time.

But fun isn’t everything, is it?  Upon her return, one of my children went to Jan and said, ‘I’m so glad you’re home.  It means order has been restored.’  While I could be offended after buying fried chicken, making hamburgers, swimming in the pool and watching pay-per-view movies, I was not.  I agreed 100%.  When Jan is here, there is order.  And children, like adults, crave order.

I am a big believer in the value of father-hood.  Our cultural jettison of the value of fathers has yielded terrible consequences.  But a wise father never forgets the value of mother.  She it is who establishes safe rules, healthy diets, quiet-time, clean clothes, appropriate bed-times.  She gives words of comfort and wisdom. She applies hugs and kisses liberally.  She prays with special fervency for her husband and children.  She looks to the future to help provide safety and prosperity for her family.

She is all things good, bright, safe and comfortable.

So hallelujah!  Mama is home!  And life can go on as it should.


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