Dear Friends and Readers,

While I am a full-time emergency physician, I am also a columnist. I have been writing op-ed columns twice each month for the Greenville News for nearly 20 years. In addition, I have been writing monthly columns (titled Life in Emergistan) for Emergency Medicine News, owned by Wolters-Kluwer publishing,, for 15 years. I also write a monthly health column for the SC Baptist Courier, as well as publishing many blog posts each month. Many of my medical columns and posts find their way to the popular website KevinMD.

It is my goal to become a syndicated columnist, and I believe I can best start by being self-syndicated. Therefore, if you have a publication in need of content (medical, health, faith, family, Southern or humor), please consider letting me write for you. I promise it will be cost-effective and that the content will be engaging. If you know of any editors of local papers, small or large, who might be interested, please put in a good word and put me in touch!

Here’s a list of links to some of my collected works. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Edwin Leap

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