If you are a student interested in being a physician assistant, and especially if  you would like to find a school with a Christian worldview, please consider North Greenville University.  Their emphasis on clinical care and mission outreach is excellent.

There are very few medical schools or other health-care educational institutions that are explicitly Christian in focus.  NGU is one of them.

(By way of full disclosure, I serve on the Board of Trustees for the university.)

As a physician, I feel it’s important to point out that PA school, and nurse practitioner school, are not the same as medical school.  To illustrate this, the average clinical hours (time learning at bedside) for medical school are around 4000-6000 hours before residency.  The clinical hours for PA school are about 2000.  The clinical hours for online NP school come to about 500.  If there are still traditional NP schools, and I suspect there are,  I don’t hear about them.  I hear about, and read about, online programs.

Having said that, my experience is that a ‘brick and mortar’ PA school with a year of intense didactic education and a year (or more) of clinical rotations provide a solid educational foundation which can be built upon over time with proper employer supervision and continuing education.

Here’s a link to the NGU program.


Feel free to contact me here if I can help get information for you.


Edwin Leap, MD

Diplomat, American Board of Emergency Medicine

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