So again, thanks for all of your prayers and concern!  Thanks to those who have encouraged us, who have fed us amply, who have just spoken kind words or told their own story!  I have held so many of you in my own prayers.

Tomorrow, it will be two weeks since Jan’s last radiation, and 11 days since her last chemotherapy.  She is better every day, and looks great despite her obvious fatigue.  She continues to be plagued by thick secretions, although to my eye they seem a little less frequent.  But then, I’m not the one trying to cough that stuff up!

I wondered tonight, is there a special prayer for phlegm?  Is there a patron saint of secretions?  Bless her heart, it’s miserable.  And it causes such  nausea, as if the doctor were tickling your uvula with a tongue depressor but doing it all day, all night, for about 7 weeks.

Her weight is stable, her blood counts good, and she is starting to drink more fluids.  I’m happy, and I believe she will be completely healed of this misery.  But for now, we’re stuck in phlegm-ville.

Please specifically pray for her in this regard, as you continue to intercede for her healing.

I am so thankful for you!  Please do not be offended if I don’t respond by e-mail, or even on Facebook or the blog, to  your recent notes.  I appreciate them all; I’m just really, really busy!

Hopefully, when the smoke clears, I’ll get back to everyone if only to say a quick, ‘thank you and God bless you!’



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