At least I take an aspirin with my crack!

At least I take an aspirin with my crack!

Not long ago, my partner cared for a patient who was experiencing chest pain. The patient had already undergone a cardiac bypass surgery.  He told my partner that he was currently using crack and methamphetamine.

Now, let me ask, whether he has no insurance, private insurance, Medicaid or  Medicare, is this fair to the system?  If he gets disability, is it fair to the system?  If an insurer couldn’t deny him coverage, would that be fair to those who are paying into the system, but trying to stay healthy?  Those who will probably contribute far more than they cost the insurance pool?  (And who would certainly cost less than this ‘member of the pool.’)

Would you be willing to hand him your money to cover his expenses, knowing what he habitually does?  I’m not talking about the money laundering scheme that taxation is.  I’m talking about walking up to him, crack pipe in his hand, sitting in his living room with a beer and big screen television, and handing him $1000 to cover his medications for heart disease and hypertension?  Would you feel good about it?

That’s what we’re all being asked to do, over and over again.  Think about it!

For those who tell us that providing care to all is the ‘moral thing to do,’ tell me about the implicit morality of taking from the productivity of others without any consequence or gratitude among the recipients?

This, dear readers, is one of the many places where our current trend towards the tyranny of the masses falls flat.


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