How hard do we have to work?

Going through my computer files, I stumbled across a quote I wanted to share. Sometimes, we Christians seem frantic to ‘do more.’ We are reminded, rightly, that God expects much of us. But sometimes we forget that although we are in the service of the King, we are not the King. Although we are in the service of the omnipotent, we are not omnipotent. We cannot do all that needs to be accomplished in this life; only He can.

It’s all too easy for well-meaning believers and pastors to extol us to do more for the world, more for the kingdom, more, more, more! As if our worth in God’s eyes depended on ‘doing.’ But not just doing; we have to do things that are hard, dangerous, frustrating; things that prove how great we are, or how magnificent our sufferings!

Here, I offer you George MacDonald’s words on doing God’s work when it is, believe it or not, easy!

‘Do you think that the work God gives us to do is never easy? Jesus says that His yoke is easy, His burden is light. People sometimes refuse to do God’s work just because it is easy. This is sometimes because they cannot believe that easy work is His work; but there may be a very bad pride in it. Some, again, accept it with half a heart and do it with half a hand. But however easy any work may be, it can not be well done without taking thought about it. And such people, instead of taking thought about their work, generally take thought about the morrow — in which no work can be done, any more than in yesterday.’

George MacDonald

For those of you who don’t know MacDonald, here’s a link about this amazing man who was husband, father, preacher, poet, novelist, and inspiration for C.S.Lewis!

Of course, the wonder of Christianity is that it doesn’t depend on our doing, but God’s doing; not on our suffering but grace, born of the suffering and sacrifice of Jesus the Christ.

If everything depended on our actions, then we would always wonder, ‘have I done enought?’ There could be no peace, no rest, and ultimately precious little hope for our ever struggling souls. And if all our labors must be difficult, we will become beaten, bruised, demoralized children who worship struggle and suffering rather than our loving Father in heaven.

This is an important reminder for every hard-working mother or father, student or laborer, police-officer or fire-fighter, preacher or missionary, physician or lawyer, soldier or academic; in short, for anyone struggling and feeling as if their efforts will never be ‘hard’ enough.

Next time your work is easy, brother or sister, smile and be thankful. Next time the kids are resting quietly in your arms, the ER is boring and empty, the lesson sinks in with ease, the building project just comes together without a hitch, the church service just seems like a slice of heaven itself, the police patrol is just a long drive without any stops or arrests, be thankful and don’t worry.

It’s just as important as the hard stuff; and you’re just as loved by God either way.

God bless and keep you today!


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