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Today, June 20, we West Virginians celebrate West Virginia Day. On June 20, 1865 we became a separate state. No longer part of Virginia, we became West Virginia. And the world hasn’t been the same since.


A poem, in tribute…


West Virginia Day


I am from West Virginia

So before the jokes begin,

My legs are of symmetric length

My spouse is not my kin.


My teeth are (mostly) all intact

I have advanced degrees;

I have a porch with hound dogs

But they aren’t plagued with fleas.


I’ve never been a miner

But I love a miner’s child;

I left for Carolina

With that beauty who’s my bride.


I speak and write with clarity,

but love our words so well;

I ain’t afraid to ponder yonder

holler for a spell.


I’m am not from Virginia!

See we are a different state.

We’ve been around since ’65

So get your history straight.


I am a little fluffy but

it’s hard to blame a man,

with Tudor’s Biscuits all around,

and Stewart’s Hot Dog Stands.


I drive a big ole’ pick up truck,

I still drink from a well;

I’m proud of all my people

and the stories that they tell.


I love the Lord and love my wife

and love our children four;

I love the place that I was born

although I’m there no more.


I’ve heard a lot of unkind words

From people I have met;

They’ve called me hick and redneck

But I just don’t care a bit.


For the blood of frontier travelers

And farmers runs through me;

I feel the hills and rivers,

and the valleys and the trees.


So Happy West Virginia Day!

And bless our ancient home;

And bless hillbillies one and all

Wherever we may roam.


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