Happy Easter to all of my friends, family and readers!  I would have written earlier, but I was busy playing tag with my children.  You understand, I’m sure!

This is an amazing day, and as I ponder its meaning it occurs to me that the only problem with Easter is that we, as believers, aren’t nearly excited enough about the death, and resurrection, of Jesus, the Christ.

I hope that you have a blessed week, and consider the implications of what was, from the standpoint of things religious, a veritable nuclear  bomb of hope and redemption, 2000+ years ago in Jerusalem.

We are forgiven, we are loved, we are indwelled by the Spirit, we are empowered and we are, thanks to him, dead to sin, reborn and alive in Christ!

What dare we fear?  What anxiety dare we cling to in our pettiness?  Eternity is our home, God our adopted father and Jesus ‘the firstborn among many brothers.’

He is risen!  He is risen indeed.  And so shall we all be on that day when we see him face to face.


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