May 26, 1990 was the day I married my wife, Jan.  So, since our Anniversary is now here, I want to say that I am truly the most blessed of all husbands.  She is my friend, confidant, lover, inspiration, cheerleader, comforter and co-conspirator in raising these four children of ours.  She is my GPS system, who keeps me on the right track on the highway and in my life.  And she is my buddy.  (Jan’s always been fond of saying ‘friends are friends and pals are pals but buddies sleep together!’)

We are home from our yearly trip to the beach with the kids.  We are all exhausted, sun-burnt and a little heavier than when we left.  We all still feel as if we’re in motion, the side-effect of five hours of car-ride from ocean to mountains.  We all will strain our ears in the morning to hear the waves that are now so far away.

We will, in the various ways only our family can, become busy once more with projects and work and learning.  The hectic pace of school will give way to the hectic pace of vacation.  But one thing will remain.  My love will be with me.

I am proud to call this beautiful woman my wife.  I am honored to live my life with her.  I am ecstatic that she is the mother of my children.

And today, I say, Happy Anniversary Baby!  You are always, all ways, on my mind.

I love you,


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