I wonder,do we believe in freedom in America?  I realize how free I am, and I am so thankful for that gift.  I live where I want, in a remote part of the South.  I practice in my own group, not for a larger corporation.  My wife and I chose for her to stay home and for us to have a large family of four children.  We home-school our children, and worship as we see fit; both things which might result in censure or prosecution in some countries.  I own, and carry, firearms within the defined constraints of the law. I can make as much as I want to work for, as long as I pay taxes. And yet, there are those who find that degree of freedom problematic.

Who am I to drive a large truck?  Who am I to presume I can home-school my kids?  Why should I have a large family, what with humans a ‘parasitic infestation’ of the earth?  How dare I have a corporation, when it would be so much more controllable if I worked ‘for’ someone like a good boy?  What makes me think I deserve a significant income?  Why would I even consider practicing, and believing, the tenets of a religion not based on ‘free thinking’ and science?  Wouldn’t it be better if faith were tucked neatly out of the way, in a dark and seldom visited corner of the human  mind?  What sort of monster thinks he should be free to express worship?

We hear a lot about freedom. Freedom to marry whom we will.  Freedom to end pregnancies, to use and view pornography, to use drugs without constraint.  But the truth is, even those who cry for freedom simply want their own form of it, and would love to see it diminished for their political and cultural enemies.

Freedom is in the eyes of the beholder, it seems.  Or in the eye of the one conferring it.


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