As an evangelical Christian, I had no idea I was responsible for so much misery and suffering in the world!  Or that I hated most of what Jesus taught!  I’m so glad Mr. Zuckerman cleared this up for my poor, ignorant, hateful, confused, backward, science-hating, poor-despising, Jesus-ignoring self.

Read the piece; I’d love to have your comments.  Better, I’d love to see you post comments at the Huffington Post!

The column is one of the most biased tirades I have ever read.  It is a bitter irony that those like Mr. Zuckerman, who condemn us for distrusting socialism, who consider Jesus the ultimate socialist, consistently ignore that very real historical legacy of socialism, not only in Nazi Germany, but in the USSR, PRC, Cuba, Vietnam, Cambodia, North Korea and all the rest.  In each place, government was fully in charge of charity and fully in charge of the behavior of its people.  And in every instance, the legacy was suffering and death.

Those like Mr. Zuckerman also cherry-pick Jesus words so that he becomes a kind social benefactor, but does not declare himself the ‘way, the truth and the life,’ does not mention hell (which he did more than any other person in scripture), does not condemn sexual sin or anything else.  Jesus, the nice social worker is a far cry from Jesus the Messiah.

Edwin (the hater)

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