So, God woke up the day after the election and had his coffee. Gabriel brought him the USA Today. He spewed out his coffee, and said, ‘What? I can’t believe it! How did this happen?’

OK, probably not. Here’s the thing; Christians, especially politically active evangelicals, tend to obsess a lot about politics. We read it in our publications and magazines, hear it on our radio shows, see it on our websites. We quote statistics on immorality and the associated ills of the world. We fret over voting records. We score our candidates. And it’s all well-meaning. I do the same things. I wonder which elections will sway the courts, which candidates will stand in the way of persons of faith. It’s hard not to become embroiled in all of it.

And yet, the message becomes twisted. And the message we receive, sometimes inadvertantly, sometimes openly, is this: ‘If the wrong people got elected, you failed God and he’ll punish America’. Or ‘We didn’t try hard enough. We didn’t pray hard enough. We didn’t campaign enough. We’re paving the way for oppression and misery for Christians and opening the door to a godless future.’

But here’s the thing. As a wise man said to me once, ‘Did it ever occur to you that nothing occurs to God?’ That is, he’s never surprised. He never looks down and says, ‘I knew that they were a bunch of losers, but this election surprises even me!’

God is, ultimately, in control. And the last time I checked the books of prophecy, it looked like he told us that things would get worse before they got better anyway, whether we did enough or not!

See, we Christians talk a big talk about creation and miracles, salvation and eternity, spiritual warfare and damnation. But is it possible we believe that elections are somehow outside of God’s control? Well, if we do think so, we need to think again. He is so powerful that he can even handle, dare I say it, politicians and the voting masses.
It’s all OK!


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