Hey all, this is just a plug for a group I started on Facebook.  I call it ‘Christians aren’t stupid!’

Modern culture has decided, with very little information, that anyone who is a devout Christian is fanatical, uneducated, unread, simple, anti-scientific, judgmental, bigoted and frankly dangeorus.

I’d like to break shatter that illusion.  History is full of brilliant Christian thinkers in all disciplines (yes, even science!).  The world has benefited enormously from their contributions.

So, if you are nterested, and if you do ‘the Facebook thing,’ join our little group and let’s discuss hard topics in an intelligent way.  Let’s share our insights into books and ideas, Christ and culture, history and science.  We’re just getting started, but I think we have the potential to at least encourage one another, and maybe to help the world see that we aren’t morons because we believe.

We may just have a few very good ideas to share!



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