When I was younger, I found Doonesbury entertaining and relevant.  When I grew older, I found it to be kind of a yawn.  When I saw today’s Doonesbury, suggesting that Republicans did well in the elections because they played on fear, I had to smile.


Does my side, the right, use fear?  Certainly. Fear of tyranny, gun control, open borders, religious oppression,  (yes, even Ebola) and a host of other things.

But to suggest that the left doesn’t?  Hilarious.  ‘Republicans (or Tea Partiers) want to take us back to Jim Crowe, they want to make birth control illegal, they hate the poor and want to oppress them, they want to create a theocracy and make everyone pray!   They will imprison and torment homosexuals.   Their guns will cause blood-baths in the schools and on the streets.  And AAAGGH!  Global Warming is coming and we’ll all die while standing ankle deep in rising sea levels!’

Just a little fear there, don’t you think?

Nice try Mr. Trudeau.  If irony was what you’re after.



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