(A terrifying tale for lovers of the alphabet)

An aged grammarian walked in the night

Down lonely lanes by the moon’s yellow light.

The wind whistled softly and rustled the leaves

While bats whirred their wings under old houses’ eaves.

He walked through the forest quite bold and alone

When he saw a fierce werewolf crouched up on a stone.

‘See here you great Lupine, now stand off at once!’

The werewolf looked down and saw nothing but lunch.

The werewolf jumped up with a horrible roar

That the aged grammarian couldn’t ignore.

So he turned and he ran but the beast was too fast,

And he looked back quite certain that night was his last.

But he didn’t feel claws, nor teeth on his neck,

He felt something odder, and muttered ‘Oh hck,’

Th gd grmmrn ly dn nd crd

nd rlld ll bt thn ly bck nd sghd.

Th wrwlf snrld nd slshd nd grwld,

Nd th ld mn knw h hd bn dsmvwld.

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