This is a summary of the SafetyNeb, a device developed by colleague, Dr. Paul Louis.

A great idea considering we’re still dealing with COVID and moving rapidly into cold, flu and pneumonia season!

For the past six months, since the pandemic began, nebulizers have been removed from the arsenals of Emergency Medicine Physicians. The reason is that nebulized medications have been implicated in the spreading of viral particles into the environment. As a specialty that often has to resort to improvisation in a pinch, we have come up with many inventive solutions. However, these are generally temporary and often expensive. For example, a CPAP mask with an attached viral filter costs about $35 per treatment. Surprisingly, an MDI (metered-dose inhaler) with a spacer, (currently in short supply) costs $100-$150. AerosoLess Medical of South Florida has developed and recently released a new aerosol delivery device which allows us to again provide nebulized treatments. AerosoLess Medical is producing the SafetyNeb which is fitted with viral filters over the vent holes. These viral filters are designed to prevent exhaled pathogens from endangering Healthcare Workers. Additionally, the SafetyNeb uses an engineered Faceplate to create a tight seal with the patient’s face, which also provides a CPAP-like effect. With the SafetyNeb, we practitioners can finally give aerosolized medications again.


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Paul Louis, MD

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