Dear Arizona,

Let me first say, as a disclaimer, that I would prefer the company of a hard-working illegal alien to that of a shiftless, disability-craving, Percocet abusing redneck any day of the week.  But I’m confident you feel the same way.

Nevertheless, the law is the law.  No other country in the world throws its borders open, and leaves them unguarded, in the way the United States has along its border with Mexico.

Illegal immigration is illegal.  And your state is awash in crime perpetrated by persons that Mexico is more than happy to see headed north to your fair cities.  (And by others who they are happy to have send money home, while they pay no income tax).

I am stunned by the fact that our government has the vapors over the wording of your law, but is cruelly indifferent to your budget crisis, and the kidnappings, drug crimes and murders that occur in your most excellent state.

I am amused by the empty-headed inability to process reality by which progressives say, ‘we don’t want to be a country where police officers ask for your papers!’  Seems to me, whenever I get a loan, I need to present papers.  When I buy a house or car?   Papers.  If I need a passport?  Papers.  If pulled over by the police?  Papers.  Purchase or carry a firearm?  Papers.  Fly in an airplane?  Papers.  Leave or re-enter the country?  Papers.  Modern society is awash in papers.  I feel no remorse for someone asked to present papers.  Try to cash a check or use a credit card without ID.  Good luck.

So here’s a suggestion that may save you some cash.  Whenever illegal aliens are apprehended, give them a five- day meal voucher and a one way bus ticket to Washington, DC,  or New York City.  Many of those who are most flustered over your law are located in those burgs.

I suspect the bus fees and meals will, in the end, cost less than the law enforcement and medical care required by the invasion of illegal aliens in Arizona.

If the left really wants you to be ‘fair,’ whatever that means, then let the left see murders, drug cartels, torture and kidnapping in their strongholds.  For now, they’re happy for you to endure it.  Turn the tables.

And keep the faith!  Like you, I love my Hispanic neighbors, friends and co-workers.  But the law must be honored, the federal government must take responsibility, the budget has to be managed, national security has to be guarded and dangerous criminals must be apprehended.  And securing the border is a solid step in the right direction.

Until then, send the problem north.



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