My daughter Elysa and son Samuel are on the Oconee County 4H BB gun team.  They shoot in a four-position event; prone, sitting, kneeling and standing. 

Well, yesterday was the SC State 4H BB Gun Team Championship in balmy Columbia, SC and our Oconee Team came in 2nd in the state of SC.  Both Elysa and Sam received ribbons for their scores on the safety test.  Both now have team medals.  And Sam won first place for the prone position!

So, here’s a hearty congratulations to my two dead-eyes.  I’m very proud of their hard work and dedication.  

In an era of so many sports, we forget that shooting is a very difficult one, involving muscle control, breath control and enormous concentration. 

If your kids would be interested, check with your local 4H organization for their shooting sports opportunities.  There are many, including archery, BB-gun, air-pistol, muzzle-loading, pellet-rifle and shotgun.

Hooray for Elysa and Sam!



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