Dear Physician Assistant Friends,

I have a friend who is recruiting for a position on the Southeastern coast.  Here’s his ad.  If you’re interested, send me a CV ( and I’ll forward it on.  He’s a very nice guy and would be a great employer, in a nice location.



Comprehensive family care is a family practice with a steady additional walk-in population throughout the year, and picking up in March and peeking in May June and July, averaging, 25 at the low, 55 at the high end. Ancillary staff are medical assistants . Current EMR is Greenway, formerly success EHS, and intend to switch to azalea. Ultimate goal is scribing, with only 25% of documentation currently being accomplished with the use of scribes. Hours are 8 to 5 daily,  Monday to Friday, half a day Saturday during seasonal hours, and will expand to Sunday with 1 to 2 PAs, who had been working 40 hours a week. I try to connect a competitive salary based on experience, and will ultimately arrange partnership track, with plan for buy-in options. Benefit package includes at this time malpractice and contribution toward health plan, but the benefit plan will expand based on productivity and commitment to the practice.

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