So, nine years after my Lasik, I noticed my vision getting blurry in my right eye.  Thinking I just needed a Lasik touch-up, I saw my ophthalmologist today.  Yikes!  I have a cataract!

Where did I get that?  No eye trauma, no diabetes, nothing I can think of that may have caused it.  So, I’m faced with a contact lens or a multi-focal lens implant.

Does it mean I’m old?  Does it mean I’m sick?  Does it have to do with those dang fluorescent lights on night-shift?  Is it because I’ve seen so many disturbing things tattooed or pierced?  Is it from seeing frightening people with their gowns turned around backwards?  Or is it from breathing too much alcohol, exhaled by drunks saying, ‘doc, alls I had was thhhhh…twoo beeeerzz.’  Does exhaled alcohol cause cataracts?  Do lies cause eye damage when ones face is bombarded with them day and night?  ‘See my back doctor is on a secret mission in Pakistan and won’t be back for five years.  His office made me an appointment for then, but I need some Lortab.’

Is it fatigue?  Trying to sleep in the day for all those years?  Is it caffeine?  Have I caffeinated my way to bad vision?  Or was it Cheetohs?  For the sake of all that’s good, not my Cheetohs!  Or maybe it was some toxic combination of Hershey’s Chocolate and onion rings.  What a world!!!!

Or maybe it’s just life.  Sickness and weirdness happens to all of us.  As I always say, it’s never good when your doctor says ‘this is really interesting!’  I have to accept that I’m neither old, nor sick, nor stricken.

I just have a stinkin’ cataract.  Thank God there are ways to fix it!

Maybe, with a lens implant, I can see into people’s souls.  Or have laser vision like Cyclops from X-men! That would be cool.

Or, I’ll just be able to see better.  That will be cool too.

A verse for today:  ‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’  Jeremiah 33:3 (NIV)

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