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I’ll be the last-minute ‘pinch-hitter’ hosting Medscape Grand Rounds on June 30.  Since June 30 is the day before, well, July 1st, and since July 1st is the traditional start of that thrilling and harrowing journey called ‘residency,’ I’ve decided to make my theme the following:

‘What would you like to say to future physicians?’  You comments may involve advice for life as a medical doctor, skills you think physicians should have, attitudes they should exhibit, guidelines for business or tips for surviving call-nights.  You can talk about the vital nature of research or the critical importance of morality.  It’s up to you!

Most physicians aren’t residency instructors.  Nevertheless, we have vast stores of wisdom to share with the future physicians of the world; all the more important because for many of us, the beginning residents of today will be our own care-givers in a remarkably short time.

However, this isn’t just for physicians.  I would also like to have viewpoints from policy-makers, politicians, economists, researchers, counselors, nurses, administrators, insurers and, most of all, patients.  What would you say to these young women and men as they start their training, if you could give them any message at all?

Please send links to

If you read blogs, but don’t have one of your own, just send me a text-file and I’ll post your comments along with the rest.

I hope you have fun with this, and I truly look forward to hearing from you.

God bless you richly today,

Edwin Leap, MD, FACEP

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