Here’s an interesting link about violent crime in Australia and the UK.

The problem with so much in politics is that there is no negative feedback loop.  When politicians institute ideas that are dysfunctional, they don’t retract.  They increase. The logic is, if it works, you need more of it.  (Stimulus, tax, welfare, gun control…insert program or policy).

But if it doesn’t work?  You need more of it as well.  (Stimulus, tax, welfare, gun control…).  Because the government instituted it, it must have been a good idea.  And to withdraw and reassess would suggest weakness or error. And weakness or error don’t get a party, or a politician, re-elected; or a judge re-appointed.

I hope that one day, we can break the cycle.

This link suggests that the governments of Australia and the UK could apply the same lesson.  Let’s hope we can avoid their mistakes.


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