Dear friends,

First, let me praise God for all his blessings and mercy in our difficult time!  Since the first day when we were stunned by Jan’s cancer diagnosis, we have had hopeful news that her condition is treatable.  We are thankful for that.  With each and every test along the way, when I anticipated more bad news, the results were better than I hoped, and I am thankful to the Almighty for His grace and healing power.

Thank you for your intercession for us, and for the encouragement you daily have sent our way!  Your prayers have helped to result in the progress Jan has made, I’m certain of that.  And the words (and food) of many have lifted us up. For example, Jan was initially terrified of the radiation therapy frame, which pressed tightly on her face and locked her down.  After the first day, she was past the anxiety and said that she felt as if she were ‘enveloped in a cloud of prayer.’  That’s a God thing!

Currently, she has received one dose of chemotherapy and 11 of 35 radiation treatments.  She is maintaining her weight, and attempting to eat and drink.  She is in good spirits, despite her discomfort, and she is committed to moving forward and completing her therapy.

Since you have been so instrumental in her care so far, I would like to ask for more prayers.  Many of you have asked for purposeful things you can pray for; exact needs.  For instance, your prayers helped move me through my profound anxiety about Jan, and about the hospital, so that now I can work with relative ease and can be strong for my wife in her time of trial.

So now I have another.  Jan is, as I said, only 2 weeks into her radiation therapy and is having terrible sores in her mouth, throat and on her tongue.  It’s a bit early for that, or so we thought, and it may make eating, swallowing fluids and speaking very difficult.  If she cannot swallow, she might need a feeding tube and her recovery will be even longer.

PLEASE pray that her sores resolve, that she can eat and drink easily and that her cancer cells are already dead through the power of God, so that all of her treatments are simply additions to the work already accomplished.

She has a ways to go, so I am leaning on your intercession.  So please, ask, seek and knock for my wife.  We love her so, and I find it very difficult to watch her in pain.  (Not as difficult as she finds it to be in pain, no doubt).

God bless you all for your concern and continued prayers for our family!

Your friend and brother in Christ,


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