I believe that the symbolic burning of a copy of the Koran on Sept. 11 will come to no good.  In the end, it will only inflame Muslims to be angry at Christians, and non-believers to be angry at Christians.  Of course, anger at Christians is all the rage these days, so it doesn’t exactly require the ignition of the Islamic scriptures to do the job.

However, even as I’m saddened by this bit of flaming theatrics, I wonder…where is the outrage over car bombs, set off by Islamic militants?  Where is the outrage over the enslavement of Sudanese Christians by Sudanese Muslims?  Where is the anger and where the protests over honor killings of young women by Muslim fathers  (in the US)?  Where the sorrow that Christians in Saudi Arabia cannot have Bibles, or meet openly?  Where the angst and hand-wringing over the stoning of adulterers, the oppression of homosexuals, the genital mutilation of little girls, in Islamic nations?  Where the weeping over school children killed by Hamas rockets? Where the disgust over Imams who regularly call the Holocaust a myth, perpetuated by Zionists?

If we’re going to be outraged over things, it would certainly add a layer of credibility to the outraged if some of the anger would flow back towards the ‘religion of peace,’ when it comes to those actions which are daily far more reprehensible, far less defensible, than the burning of a Koran.


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