I don’t write a lot about politics or international affairs. But this one really troubles me.

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‘About Those Re-education Camps in China.’

‘What Re-Education Camps?’




A cultural genocide is going on in Western China.  A very real attempt to stamp out the language, customs and religious freedom of Muslim Uighurs.


Too many Americans love to call every enemy of freedom a Nazi.  Whether it’s Donald Trump or a conservative Christian pro-life group, they’re Nazis bent on oppression of freedoms.  It may be media figures Dennis Prager or Ben Shapiro (both Jewish, by the way); when they don’t follow the popular culture party line?  The left calls them Nazis.  If you aren’t a progressive, it would appear you’re a Nazi.

You can’t be any worse than a Nazi.

Fair enough. Nazis were and are reprehensible.  We fought a war over this, if memory serves.

Antifa, the brown-shirt bullies of the modern hard left, consider themselves the enemies of tyranny; the foes of fascists, the nemesis of Nazis.  Neo-Nazis, perhaps, wrapped in different ideology but for my money, a thug is a thug is a thug.

But into the mix of all this, we let horrible things go on unchallenged.  Tyranny exists and thrives all around the world today.  There is open slavery of sub-Saharan Africans in Libya, where humans are sold in markets just as they were in the old South.  There is Christian genocide in Nigeria and other parts of the world where defenseless families are butchered.  The citizens of North Korea suffer in ways we may never fully grasp; at which time we will be nauseated and our peaceful dreams shattered by the truth.

But consider that millions of Chinese Muslims are being reeducated in camps where torture, beatings and rapes are apparently daily fare.  Much has been written about this.  Little has been discussed in public forums.  We simply can’t be distracted from finding tyrants all around the US!


Imagine if America treated Islam like a mental illness?  For all that I have issues with Islamism and have a dramatically different theology from Muslims, I would never say they were mentally ill for their beliefs.


We’re too busy being shocked over everything in America and in the West in general. Too busy worrying over the assorted tribes of our identities, the Balkanization of our great civilization by pettiness and self-interest.

Meanwhile, the producer of so much of our consumer wealthy, the country we trade vast amounts of treasure with, is yet again exposing itself as a state of bullies.  Nazis?  No, Communists in the most devoted sense.  The list of things that will land you in a Communist camp as a Muslim in China?  See the link. It’s right out of Gulag Archipelago.

48 Ways to Get Sent to a Chinese Concentration Camp

Of course, it isn’t only Muslims.  China is an equal opportunity oppressor…


Ultimately, Nazis are Fascists and Communists are Fascists. And in point of fact, true Fascists are rare in America today.

(Not that there aren’t people willing to help them for a buck or a billion, mind you.)


But there are plenty of actual fascists, just across the Pacific.

God give deliverance to all those oppressed for their very culture.

And God give us backbone to remember that America is about Freedom not feelings, and focus our energies as the emerging dangers of the world demand.


PS Links found via Prof. Glenn Reynold’s excellent site, Instapundit.


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