My genius partner, RKM, was lately confronted by a patient seeking pain medication.  Due to a very nice system instituted by the state of SC, providers can search for their patients’ prescription histories.  Turns out this individual had received multiple narcotic prescriptions from multiple providers all over the state, and had done it using at least three separate addresses.

Ever the resourceful doc, my partner confronted this patient with the following information:

‘Sir, it appear that you have been the victim of identity theft!  Fortunately, we were able to discover that someone has used your information to obtain narcotics under false pretense!  But rest assured, we have contacted the authorities and we’ll catch the SOB who did this to you!’

He was met, I am told, by wide-eyed, open-mouthed silence.

No prescriptions were dispensed.  Though it is entirely possible the patient will be needing a big bottle of Jim Beam for his nerves, and adult diapers for irritable bowel, for the next several weeks.

Bless you, RKM, for the theatrical, perfectly passive-aggressive genius you are!


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