For all of my friends and colleagues working at night to save lives…
(First published at my Substack, Life and Limb)


rocky shore under full moon
Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

For my night shift friends and colleagues:

Heavenly Father,

As night descends all lives defend
and guide the hands of those who heal.
To all their sides strong angels send,
And swiftly answer their appeals.

Give grace and guidance in the fight
to ease the sting of pain and death;
and quickly raise the dawn’s soft light
and let there be no final breath.

But if some souls should pass tonight
beyond this world of loss and pain,
then lift them up to endless life,
Where dark can never fall again.

And walk beside the ones who strove
to stave off death’s unyielding way;
illumine them with truth and hope
and speed the coming of that day.

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