I have largely avoided political discourse during the recent election cycle.  Mainly because to post anything, on blog or social media, is to invite an invective-filled, angry tirade by those who oppose my viewpoints.  I am weary of this sort of thing.  As I watch discussion boards and read editorials and all the rest, I find myself weary, dragged down.  Even attempts at calm, rational discussions, even presentation of facts in hopes of a middle ground, are unwelcome.

I find myself wondering about this.  Why is it so?  Why is any deviation from popular opinion, any open declaration of my conservatism, so reprehensible to some?   Let me say that I have many friends and acquaintances who are liberals.  I am convinced, in my heart, that most of them are (like most conservatives) good people who want the best for others.  And yet, there is in the left this deep anger, this heart-felt desire to eliminate rather than find common ground.  This acceptance that hate and cruelty and death wishes and intolerance are reasonable…as long as they are directed at the other side.  But are inhuman if directed back.

This article, at the link below, is an excellent discussion of the things I’ve seen in leftism.  And a beautiful elucidation of the journey from hate to love.


I  mean no insult to my liberal friends.  I only want to understand.  I only want us all to love one another.

Because that’s the only way both sides win.

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