I guess I am a 1911 kind of guy!

Occasionally I love to poke around in our local pawn shop (The Seneca Pawn Shop, in Seneca, SC, to be exact.)  It is a glorious place where I have purchased many paintball guns for my boys, as well as my son’s first electric guitar.

It is also a place where a guy like me can talk about guns among other men who know exactly what I mean.  A place where no one will look askance if I ask  ‘how many Mosin-Nagant rifles can I get?’  And be answered with, ‘I have four in the back, I’d love to sell them to you!’

While poking around, looking in the glass cases a few days ago, one of the owners asked what I wanted.  ‘Well, I don’t have a 9mm anymore, and I was just looking.’

Suddenly, out of the blue, he dropped an enormous compliment on me.  ‘Really?  I took you for more of a 1911 kind of guy.’

Wow!  Any man who loves guns will understand what an homage that was.  Me?  A 1911 kind of guy?  Absolutely.  In fact, I am.  I love them, despite the fact that I don’t currently own one.  My oldest son craves one.  The 1911 pistol is truly a thing of beauty.   A functional, deadly, aesthetically pleasing, ergonomically delightful work of art and slice of history.

Am I a 1911 kind of guy?  I guess I am.  I hope that I can be as useful, as desired, as revered and as relevant as one of those pistols when I’m one hundred years old.

A guy can dream!


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