I am an emergency physician in private practice.  My partners and I are a corporation, and we contract ourselves to one facility.  As such, we are small business owners. 

In the current economic and politicical climate, my views on Obamacare and entitlement are rathe conservative.  The arrangement of my business is such that I pay my own salary, family insurance, malpractice, retirement etc. out of what I collect.  Vast numbers of physicians in America do the same thing.

On the other hand, many physicians feel otherwise.  They feel that entitlement is very appropriate, that we should not be upset at uncompensated care, that we shouldn’t worry so  much about money. 

As I’ve contemplated this divide, I’ve wondered:  why such a disparity in thought?

So I ask, and not with venom but genuine curiosity, do you fellow Sermoans think that it’s possible that those with  more politically progressive viewpoints simply tend to be employed in academia, or other settings more than the more conservative?

Many academic physicians may be paid salary, and may have all of their benefits paid out of the greater institution.  This  might lead such a physician to wonder why private physicians fuss so much over income and etitlement, over uncompensated care and mandates.

I’m not trying to say one group is more caring or less, even necessarily right or wrong.  But that our opinions may be at variance just because of personal practice settings and reimbursement methods.

Do you have any thoughts?

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