Today on the faith front: I was thinking about my children, and about children of my friends who are divorced. Children always want something of their parents. Mine are forever wearing my socks to bed, holding my old teddy bear and arguing over whose turn it is to sleep with it, putting on my t-shirts, looking at and touching my things. Some children have something of their fathers, some have very little. But every child of God has something of his father, has his presence, his touch, his image, his love. Unlike socks, shirts, watches, pens or toys, those things can never be lost or misplaced. And while they can be ignored, they always remain where we left them when we choose to return to our father’s place of love and acceptance.
Medicine: OK, is it just me or is Fibromyalgia the default diagnosis for all aches and pains in the world? I swear I think that doctors are totally in love with the idea of having an escape valve. And I don’t believe it’s true, most of the time. It may exist, but not as much as it appears to be diagnosed. I think it’s fundamentally an issue of depression.

Today I saw several examples of what I call ‘Wechter’s law of terminal chest pain’. Named for Mike Wechter, PA, it suggests that every ER patient will, in the end, complain of chest pain as a final diagnosis. Watch it and see, fellow docs!

I had other rants about medicine, but I’ll save them.


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