The Presidency Won’t Change the Division

The first presidential debate is over, and all I can say is that these are interesting times.

The fact remains that whichever candidate wins the presidency, the nation’s polarity will not be suddenly reversed. We are spinning further and further from one another all the time, divided by many issues, by race, gender, religion, accusation and insult. Are we one nation anymore? Hardly. We’re many nations trying to control all the others.

The election itself cannot change that. Whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton wins, they are unlikely to do so by a wide margin. And they will make policies that nearly half of the country will find objectionable. Maybe both parties need to strive to bring unity more passionately than they strive for electoral, legal and legislative victory.


3 thoughts on “The Presidency Won’t Change the Division

  1. This is one reason why I’m voting for Gary Johnson.. I’m hoping the professional politicians of both sides get scared and start acting like adult representatives.

  2. Nice piece on the serenity of your early morning commute to work. Delighted to find a fellow Johnson supporter among the comments!

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