The Pledge of Allegiance to Emergistan

Dear Emergistanis, you know who you are!  Keep up the amazing work!


I pledge allegiance to the Republic of Emergistan. And to all of my comrades, in ED’s large and small, saving life and limb, day and night, doing more with less, cursing computers, taking care of the people nobody else can, or will, and saying no to narcotics and antibiotics all day long. Amen. Play Ball.

One thought on “The Pledge of Allegiance to Emergistan

  1. As a former foot soldier in the war on all things lethal, I salute the shield and pledge, and everyone still in the trenches. Ask not what you
    can do for the next patient, the administration, or the IT people, just clam up and get back to work. All the rest will take care of itself.

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