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We Have a Different Kind of Spending Problem. (My Latest Greenville News Column)

We spend too much.  And it’s not just about $$$$. My latest column in the Greenville News. Houston, We Have a Different Kind of Spending Problem My fellow Americans. We have a spending problem. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and pondering all the ways we spend too much. I’m not talking about government spending. I’m talking about the many tragic ways we spend our very lives. We spend our time glued to screens of every size. At home it’s the television or computer. And even while the television is on, we’re fixed intently on the tiny screens in our hands. Groups of people, families and friends, not talking or enjoying one another, but spending their time in ‘anti-fellowship.’ We are a nation of screen watchers. We could use that time differently, watching the beauty of the natural and man-made world all around. We could spend our precious, fleeting hours looking at the fascinating variety of humans we pass, perhaps even speaking to them. We could look up from our mutual screens and look into one another’s eyes. But we detach, surf and scroll. We spend our interest not only on devices, but on whatever they show us. We spend our precious time and our amazing brains being manipulated and entertained into a veritable cultural anesthesia. We spend (and suspend) our judgement as we absorb and...

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This Father Loves the Night-time

  This Father Loves the Night-time This father loves the night-time, when the sun is out of sight; when stars are waking silently to watch the earth all night. He stalks the house alert and still, ensuring all is well. If light or noise does not belong this father’s sure to tell. He feeds the cats who purr with joy, he rubs their furry chins; He feeds the dogs and tells each one to guard the folks within. This father is his most content when all lie down to bed, When doors are locked and beds are warm and children’s prayers are said. That’s when a holy silence falls beneath the starry host, and father wants to settle in with those he loves the most. But father has a kingdom granted him by God above a precious royal family he keeps with fearsome love. When he at last has knelt to pray and lifted each to God, He drifts asleep a happy man, who holy places trod. But he has shown devotion to the maker of it all, so sleeps in peaceful confidence of angels in the hall. This father loves the night time though the sun is rising fast but when his loves wake joyfully he’ll thank God night has passed. Edwin Leap 2018  ...

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